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TTRN brings together theatre practitioners and researchers with an interest in researching Theatre for Young Audience across the island of Ireland.

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Dorothy Morrissey, Lecturer in Drama Education, at Mary Immaculate College (MIC), University of Limerick is conducting a feasibility study into the development of an All of Ireland TYA Archive at MIC. This study is supported by MIC and the University of Ulster.


This study is intended as the first step towards developing a TYA archive on the island, thereby ensuring that previously undocumented TYA materials are gathered, recorded, preserved and made accessible to others. The development of this archive depends on the generosity of the TYA community (past and present), who are invited to complete the survey (which can be completed in less than 10 minutes) at the link below. The survey aims to establish:

  1. The responsiveness of the TYA sector to an All of Ireland TYA archive

  2. The type and quantity of material that exists

  3. The willingness of the sector to donate or copy items such as programmes, photos, scripts, posters, video/audio recordings, administration papers etc. and lodge them with the archive

  4. Information about TYA works not included in the Irish Theatre Institute's catalogue (which documents new plays for children between 1975 and 2017) 

Since materials lodged in the archive could be access by theatre makers and researchers, the archive creates possibilities not just to document and preserve materials, but also for future restaging of an artist's/company's work by others. The archive thus has the potential to raise the status of individual works and of TYA more generally.


Please take the opportunity to complete the survey before Friday April 21st. Additionally, please forward the survey to others you think might have information or materials, and who may not be contactable via the usual TYA channels.

20th March 2023
ASSITEJ World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People!
Listen to the voices of the young people in the video below telling us why the performing arts are important!


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